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PCB 153 is one of the most abundant PCB congeners detected in biological samples. It is a persistent compound that is still present in the environment despite the ban on production and use of PCBs in ...

Author: Fekadu Yadetie, Eystein Oveland, Anne Døskeland, Frode Berven Anders Goksøyr, Odd André Karlsen

Date Published: 1st Apr 2017

Journal: Aquatic Toxicology

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BACKGROUND: Methylmecury (MeHg) is a widely distributed environmental pollutant with considerable risk to both human health and wildlife. To gain better insight into the underlying mechanisms of ...

Authors: Fekadu Yadetie, S. Bjorneklett, H. K. Garberg, E. Oveland, F. Berven, A. Goksoyr, O. A. Karlsen

Date Published: 9th Aug 2016

Journal: BMC Genomics

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We propose a hierarchical modelling approach to construct models for disease states at the whole-body level. Such models can simulate effects of drug-induced inhibition of reaction steps on the whole-body ...

Authors: Jacky Snoep, Kathleen Green, J. Eicher, D. C. Palm, G. Penkler, F. du Toit, N. Walters, R. Burger, H. V. Westerhoff, Dawie Van Niekerk

Date Published: 27th Nov 2015

Journal: Biochemical Society Transactions


Not specified

Authors: J. G. Caporaso, J. Kuczynski, J. Stombaugh, K. Bittinger, F. D. Bushman, E. K. Costello, N. Fierer, A. G. Pena, J. K. Goodrich, J. I. Gordon, G. A. Huttley, S. T. Kelley, D. Knights, J. E. Koenig, R. E. Ley, C. A. Lozupone, D. McDonald, B. D. Muegge, M. Pirrung, J. Reeder, J. R. Sevinsky, P. J. Turnbaugh, W. A. Walters, J. Widmann, T. Yatsunenko, J. Zaneveld, R. Knight

Date Published: 11th Apr 2010

Journal: Nat Methods

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A quantitative proteomic analysis of the membrane of the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 using iTRAQ was successfully demonstrated in this technical note. The estimated number of membrane proteins ...

Authors: None

Date Published: 4th Dec 2009

Journal: J. Proteome Res.

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