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Detailed programme with organizers' notes.

Creator: Jon Olav Vik

Contributor: Jon Olav Vik

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Creator: Jon Olav Vik

Contributor: Jon Olav Vik

Slides for the Python Workshop

Creator: Oliver Ebenhöh

Contributor: Oliver Ebenhöh

What is PlaSMo?
PlaSMo stands for Plant Systems-biology Modelling; Ensuring the achievements of yesterday's Mathematical Modellers will be available for the Systems Biologists of tomorrow.

The original PlaSMo project description is included within the attached document.

Our aims

To identify plant mathematical models useful to the UK plant systems biology community, which are currently in a variety of legacy formats and in danger of being lost

To represent these models in a declarative XML-based

Creator: BioData SynthSys

Contributor: BioData SynthSys

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