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About Barbara Bakker:

I am an Associate Professor in Systems Biology and the University Medical Centre Groningen. My research aims at understanding how energy metabolism is integrated and regulated. My work includes experimental, modelling as well as theoretical research. Recently I studied how metabolic regulation and gene-expression regulation work together towards in integrated response, e.g. when parasites are confronted with chemical inhibitors. Much of my work has been about the regulation of glycolysis and its various modes of action (steady-state, oscillations, turbo explosion).
My current research deals with the integration of different metabolic pathways. Research lines include:
- Switching between lipids and carbohydrates and how this is affected in various metabolic diseases;
- The relation between metabolism and biologial ageing;
- The integration of redox and energy metabolism in African trypanosomes (SysMO project).


Location: Nl Netherlands

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