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The thermoacidophilic Crenarchaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus is a model organism for archaeal adaptation to extreme environments and renowned for its ability to degrade a broad variety of substrates. It ...

Authors: Helge Stark, Jacqueline Wolf, Andreas Albersmeier, Trong Khoa Pham, Julia D. Hofmann, Bettina Siebers, Jörn Kalinowski, Phil Wright, Meina Neumann-Schaal, Dietmar Schomburg

Date Published: 29th May 2017

Journal: FEBS J


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Authors: None

Date Published: 25th Jul 2013

Journal: PLoS Comput Biol


Not specified

Authors: Adrienne Zaprasis, J. Brill, M. Thuring, G. Wunsche, M. Heun, H. Barzantny, Tamara Hoffmann, Erhard Bremer

Date Published: 28th Dec 2012

Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology

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Glycine betaine is an effective osmoprotectant for Bacillus subtilis. Its import into osmotically stressed cells led to the build-up of large pools, whose size was sensitively determined by the degree ...

Authors: Tamara Hoffmann, Annette Wensing, Margot Brosius, Leif Steil, Uwe Voelker, Erhard Bremer

Date Published: 24th Nov 2012

Journal: J. Bacteriol.

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The respiratory chain of Escherichia coli contains three quinones. Menaquinone and demethylmenaquinone have low midpoint potentials and are involved in anaerobic respiration, while ubiquinone, which ...

Authors: Poonam Sharma, Joost Teixeira De Mattos, Klaas J. Hellingwerf, Martijn Bekker

Date Published: 1st Sep 2012

Journal: Not specified

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BACKGROUND: Systems biology approaches to study metabolic switching in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) depend on cultivation conditions ensuring high reproducibility and distinct phases of culture growth ...

Authors: A. Wentzel, P. Bruheim, A. Overby, O. M. Jakobsen, H. Sletta, W. A. Omara, D. A. Hodgson, T. E. Ellingsen

Date Published: 9th Jun 2012

Journal: BMC Syst Biol

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Bacillus subtilis is known to accumulate large amounts of the compatible solute proline via de novo synthesis as a stress protectant when it faces high-salinity environments. We elucidated the genetic ...

Authors: Jeanette Brill, Tamara Hoffmann, Monika Bleisteiner, Erhard Bremer

Date Published: 22nd Jul 2011

Journal: J. Bacteriol.

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Bacteria secrete numerous proteins into their environment for growth and survival under complex and ever-changing conditions. The highly different characteristics of secreted proteins pose major ...

Authors: Thijs R H M Kouwen, René van der Ploeg, Haike Antelmann, Michael Hecker, Georg Homuth, Ulrike Mäder, Jan Maarten Van Dijl

Date Published: 31st Jan 2009

Journal: Proteomics

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