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Current technology type Qrt-pcr
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This assay describes how to analyze gene expression rates via RT-PCR.

A example of an RT-PCR Excel template. RT-PCR is Reverse Transcriptase PCR (NOT to be confused with Real Time PCR, which is normally referred to as qPCR)

This template was taken from the GEO website ( and modified to conform to the SysMO-JERM (Just enough Results Model) for transcriptomics.
Using templates will mean easier submission to public databases on publication and greater consistency of data in SEEK.

Mutant strains with linear electron transport chain were grown in chemostat cultures at different defined aerobiosis levels. Expression of selected genes was determined by Real Time RT-PCR

This Assay is created to practice on Brussels Workshop. It is not applicable for other purposes.

Contributor: Huseyin Tas

Assay type: Dna sequencing

Technology type: Qrt-pcr

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RNA timeseries data from TiMet for clock genes in prr7 prr9 and Col wild-type plants under 12L:12D cycle and LL

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