ID Title Bam ID Sample Origine ID FASTQ Paired Origine ID
ID Title Bam ID Sample Origine ID FASTQ Paired Origine ID
2127 bam-1 bam-1 Sam-1 FP1_S1
2128 bam-6 bam-6 Sam-6 FP6_S2
2129 bam-12 bam-12 Sam-12 FP12_S3
2130 bam-18 bam-18 Sam-18 FP18_S4
2131 bam-2 bam-2 Sam-2 FP2_S5
2132 bam-7 bam-7 Sam-7 FP7_S6
2133 bam-13 bam-13 Sam-13 FP13_S7
2134 bam-19 bam-19 Sam-19 FP19_S8
2135 bam-3 bam-3 Sam-3 FP3_S9
2136 bam-8 bam-8 Sam-8 FP8_S10
2137 bam-14 bam-14 Sam-14 FP14_S11
2138 bam-20 bam-20 Sam-20 FP20_S12
2139 bam-4 bam-4 Sam-4 FP4_S13
2140 bam-9 bam-9 Sam-9 FP9_S14
2141 bam-15 bam-15 Sam-15 FP15_S15
2142 bam-21 bam-21 Sam-21 FP21_S16
2143 bam-5 bam-5 Sam-5 FP5_S17
2144 bam-10 bam-10 Sam-10 FP10_S18
2145 bam-16 bam-16 Sam-16 FP16_S19
2146 bam-22 bam-22 Sam-22 FP22_S20
2147 bam-11 bam-11 Sam-11 FP11_S21
2148 bam-17 bam-17 Sam-17 FP17_S22
2149 bam-23 bam-23 Sam-23 FP23_S23
2150 bam-24 bam-24 Sam-24 FP24_S24
2151 bam-25 bam-25 Sam-25 FP25_S25
2152 bam-31 bam-31 Sam-31 FP31_S26
2153 bam-38 bam-38 Sam-38 FP38_S27
2154 bam-48 bam-48 Sam-48 FP48_S28
2155 bam-26 bam-26 Sam-26 FP26_S29
2156 bam-32 bam-32 Sam-32 FP32_S30
2157 bam-39 bam-39 Sam-39 FP39_S31
2158 bam-49 bam-49 Sam-49 FP49_S32
2159 bam-27 bam-27 Sam-27 FP27_S33
2160 bam-33 bam-33 Sam-33 FP33_S34
2161 bam-40 bam-40 Sam-40 FP40_S35
2162 bam-50 bam-50 Sam-50 FP50_S36
2163 bam-28 bam-28 Sam-28 FP28_S37
2164 bam-34 bam-34 Sam-34 FP34_S38
2165 bam-42 bam-42 Sam-42 FP42_S39
2166 bam-51 bam-51 Sam-51 FP51_S40
2167 bam-35 bam-35 Sam-35 FP35_S42
2168 bam-52 bam-52 Sam-52 FP52_S44
2169 bam-30 bam-30 Sam-30 FP30_S45
2170 bam-45 bam-45 Sam-45 FP45_S47
2171 bam-53 bam-53 Sam-53 FP53_S48
2172 bam-37 bam-37 Sam-37 FP37_S49
2173 bam-47 bam-47 Sam-47 FP47_S50
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