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Provided with genomic data over different pH values we have the opportunity to study the similarity of gene expression profiles and cluster groups of very simlar gene expression profiles. Via PCA we can furthermore study dynamic similarity and compe genes that are possible co-regulators or anti-regulators in the clostridial metabolism.

Assays: Identification of dynamically similar transcript profiles

The aim of the study is to assess the global function of RNase Y in RNA processing and degradation in Bacillus subtilis. To this end we constructed a strain allowing controlled depletion of RNase Y and used microarrays to analyze the transcriptome in response to the expression level of RNase Y.

Assays: Transcritome data_Identification of targets of the essential RNase Y of ...

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Assays: test

How do the fluxes of rubidium (potassium) change during potassium starvation.

Person responsible: Falko Krause

Assays: Ammonium fluxes, Potassium fluxes, Proton fluxes

How does the flux of potassium, hydrogen change during potassium uptake? Which ions are involved in maintaining the required charge balance?

Person responsible: Falko Krause

Assays: Additional fluxes, Potassium fluxes, Proton fluxes

The output of the initial model of redox metabolism will be compared to experimental flux and metabolite data. Deviations between model and experiment will be prioritized together with WP2. We will apply Metabolic Control
Analysis (Fell 1992 PMID: 1530563) to diagnose which enzymes control the deviating metabolite
concentrations and/or rates. When the agreement between model and experiment is sufficient
we will first link it to the existing model of trypanosome glycolysis and repeat the same

Assays: No Assays

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