Models of glycolysis in T. brucei with different levels of permeability of the glycosomes, and with or without cytosolic activities of the glycolytic enzymes.
Version 2


SBML models without activity of the glycolytic enzymes in the cytosol:

Glycolysis_noActivityInCytosol_1a.xml Model 1a
Glycolysis_noActivityInCytosol_1b.xml Model 1b
Glycolysis_noActivityInCytosol_2.xml Model 2
Glycolysis_noActivityInCytosol_3.xml Model 3
Glycolysis_noActivityInCytosol_4.xml Model 4
Glycolysis_noActivityInCytosol_5.xml Model 5
Glycolysis_noActivityInCytosol_6.xml Model 6

SBML models with activity of the glycolytic enzymes in the cytosol:

Glycolysis_withActivityInCytosol_1a.xm Model 1a
Glycolysis_withActivityInCytosol_1b.xm Model 1b
Glycolysis_withActivityInCytosol_2.xml Model 2
Glycolysis_withActivityInCytosol_3.xml Model 3
Glycolysis_withActivityInCytosol_4.xml Model 4
Glycolysis_withActivityInCytosol_5.xml Model 5
Glycolysis_withActivityInCytosol_6.xml Model 6

Parameters: 100,000 parameter sets: one parameter per column, one set per line.


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Organism: Trypanosoma brucei

Model type: Ordinary differential equations (ODE)

Model format: SBML

Execution or visualisation environment: Not specified

Model image: No image specified

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