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Experimental approaches to evaluate cellular response to Potassium limitation. For this purpose, a series of isogenic strains derived from BY4741 and lacking one (TRK1 or TRK2) or both TRK genes encoding specific potassium uptake systems was constructed using the homologous recombination and Cre-lox system.

Studies: Analysis of proton and potassium fluxes, Experimental approaches to determine the dependence of volume, pH and me..., Ion Flux Changes, Key Cell-Physiological Parameters, Long Term Metabolomic Profile, Proteomic Studies, Pysiological Model, Transcriptional Profile

Investigation of dynamics of the central metabolism (glycolysis, PPP, anaplerotic reactions, purines) of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae in anaerobic conditions

Studies: Metabolic perturbation of the steady state culture by glucose pulse

Aim. To provide critical quantitative parameter information and to model redox balance by determining the cellular concentration of all enzymes involved in the trypanothione-dependent hydroperoxide detoxification system of trypanosomes and by performing the kinetic characterization of the involved enzymes under pseudo-physiological conditions.

Studies: Determination of the redox state and the total concentration of the tryp..., Kinetic characterization of trypanothione-dependent enzymes, Kinetic modelling of Trypanothione Synthetase to elucidate the enzyme me...

Design principles of nuclear receptor signaling: how complex networking improves signal transduction

Studies: Figure 2B: Transcriptional response to a sudden increase in extracellul...

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