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Aim. Constructing a predictive, dynamic model of the redox metabolism of trypanosomes. Aided by
this model we will quantify the impact of gene-expression and metabolic regulation on redox
metabolism. The model will be constructed in an iterative cycle of experimentation – modelling –
analysis – experimentation, such that it can be extended and refined based on new experimental

Studies: Iterative cycles of model improvement and extension., Modelling of gene expression and Regulation Analysis., Modelling of redox metabolism.

Changing the oxygen availability leads to an adaptation of Escherichia coli at different biological levels. After pertubation of oxygen in chemostat experiments there are very quick responses. This investigation deals with this dynamical behaviour (transitions) of Escherichia coli within the aerobiosis scale. The change for different biological variables, in different areas of the organism like the electron transport chain, the TCA cycle or globally is investigated by wildtype and mutants experiments

Studies: The Escherichia coli dynamical response to oxygen: from molecular intera...

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