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RCM: Reaction-Compound Mapping, an edge between nodes means reaction contains metabolite
MMM: Metabolite-Metabolite Mapping, an edge between nodes means these metabolites are reaction partners

_comp: entire network after removal of duplicated edges
_del: taken from the entire network the largest connected subgraph after deletion of a set of nodes
_upload: entire network before removal of duplicated edges

X_depthY: subgraphs where X is a chosen central component and Y is the Yth of neighbour to

No description specified

Creator: Margrete Solheim

Contributor: Margrete Solheim

Concentrations of vitellogenin in blood plasma in cod caged in Kollevåg and at reference location.

Creators: None

Contributor: Karina Dale

Vmaxes E. faecalis from chemostat cultures, D0.05, D0.15 en D0.4
triplicates for every growthrate, measured in in-vivo-like assay (Goel, Teusink, AEM, 2012)
glycolytic enzymes + LDH + acetate/EtOH branch

Creator: Koen Van Grinsven

Contributor: Koen Van Grinsven

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