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Creator: Federico Rojas

Contributor: Federico Rojas

Describes the assumptions made, how to integrate the new reactions to the rest of the glycolysis model, the parameters needed and the preliminary parameter values collected from the litterature.

Creator: Fiona Achcar

Contributor: Fiona Achcar

Cells of S. solfataricus were grown on either caseinhydrolysate or D-glucose (reference) as sole carbon source.

Creator: Helge Stark

Contributor: Helge Stark

ConvertStdModel2SBTtest('Conti_Ferm_Std', 'CD_Transcriptomic.csv', 'glucose.csv', 'OD.csv',0)

Creator: Sebastian Curth

Contributor: Sebastian Curth

intracellular metabolite measured by GC/MS

Creator: Hanna Meyer

Contributor: Hanna Meyer

intracellular metabolites measured by LC/MS

Creator: Hanna Meyer

Contributor: Hanna Meyer

Some home work for PALs to prepare Lightning Talks and ISBE/ESFRI Sessions

Creator: Olga Krebs

Contributor: Olga Krebs

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