Characterization of chemostats from S. pyogenes wild type vs. arcA- and glnA-deletion mutants
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S. pyogenes was grown in C-limited cultures at pH 6.5 and 7.5 and at a growth rate of 0.05
The glnA mutant strain shows decreased growth in low glutamine and excess glutamate conditions and no growth at all in low glutamine and low glutamate conditions. Preliminary results of glucose-limited chemostat cultures indicate a reversion of the pH dependency of the shift from homolactic to more mixed acid fermentation:
wild type - lactate/formate ratio at pH 6.5 = 11.8, at pH 7.5 = 2.8
glnA mutant - lactate/formate ratio at pH 6.5 = 6, at pH 7.5 = 22.9
In glucose limited chemostat cultures the arcA mutant strain shows more homolactic fermentation than the wild type under pH 6.5 and pH 7.5, although in both cases at lower pH there is a higher flux through lactate than at higher pH:
pH6.5 - lactate/formate ratio wt = 11.9, arcA deletion = 24.1
pH7.5 - lactate/formate ratio wt = 2.05, arcA deletion = 8.05


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