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Kinetic characterisation en mathematical modelling of HK.

Contributor: Dawie Van Niekerk

Biological problem addressed: Modelling Analysis

Investigation: Glucose metabolism in Plasmodium falciparum tro...

Study: Model construction

How does internal potassium changes (decreases) during several hours of potassium starvation. Is there a limit for internal potassium decrease? Sampling potassium content in cells during starvation
The relative membrane potential will be measured according to the conditions of Navarrete et al. (2010). Various mutants will be tested for their effect.
To estimate the relative changes of plasma-membrane potential, the diSC3(3) fluorescent probe was used and the changes in cell fluorescence monitored

Determination of protein content at several times.

The potassium content measurements of Navarrete et al. (2010) are the basis for potassium content analysis in various mutants (Nha1, Trk1, Trk2).

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