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Kinetic characterisation of fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase phosphatase

Mathematical model for FBPAase kinetics, saturation with DHAP and GAP

Contributor: Jacky Snoep

Biological problem addressed: Enzymology

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In order to get uniform data from all geographically separated partners in a consortium, central fermentation facility has been set-up. Based on empirical data, standard procedures for growing S. solfataricus cells have been developed.

Contributor: Pawel Sierocinski

Assay type: Experimental Assay Type

Technology type: Technology Type

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The multi-compartmental metabolic network of Arabidopsis thaliana was reconstructed and optimized in order to explain growth stoichiometry of the plant both in light and in dark conditions. Balances and turnover of energy (ATP/ADP) and redox (NAD(P)H/NAD(P)) metabolites as well as proton in different compartments were estimated. The model showed that in light conditions, the plastid ATP balance depended on the relationship between fluxes through photorespiration and photosynthesis including both

This experiment uses a low-copy plasmid based system (MG1655 Δlac FF(-41.5)/RW50) for measuring FNR activity. Initial acetate calibration of the chemostat with the MG1655 Δlac strain was carried out, with β-galactosidase activity from the FF(-41.5)/RW50 reporter plasmid measured at 100%, 80%, 50%, 20% and 0% aerobiosis levels. Finally, the aerobiosis levels were re-determined by calculating the actual acetate flux in the sampled chemostat runs.

Note: the strain used (MG1655 Δlac) is not the same

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