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Samples obtained form the central fermentation facility of Sulfosys have been compared using iTRAQ (isobaric tag for relative and absolute quantification). A pilot experiment resulted in creation of SOP and initial data on cells grown at 70 and 80C

Some examples of proteomics templates for Mass Spectrometry data that conform to the MIAPE specification

We use BSA115 strain which lacks RsbU and RsbW proteins. Therefore, there is limited post-transcriptional regulation of sigmaB activity.
SigmaB itself is placed downstream of Pspac, inducible by IPTG. The lacZ reporter gene is downstream of Pctc promoter.
IPTG concentrations of 0.1, 0.2 and 1 mM are added in mid-exponential phase at an OD of appr. 0.3. The whole experiment runs for about eight hours.

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Investigation of all steady state pH-values between pH 5.7 and 4.5 (pH 5.5, 5.3, 5.1, 4.9, 4.7).

For analyzing the binding of CcpA-HPrSer46P-complexes to various cre-elements, Surface Plasmon Resonance was used. All operations were carried out on a Biacore X instrument (Biacore, Uppsala, Sweden). Biotinylated cre DNA was coupled on a Neutravidin coated chip in flowcell two, a biotinylated reference DNA in flowcell one. For visualizing only the interactions of the CcpA-HPrSer46P-complex with the cre elements, CcpA was saturated with 50µM HPrSer46P. Titrations were carried out with 5-100nM

Absolute quantification of proteins using heavy labeled QconCAT as an internal standard and quantifying the native proteins in the complex sample via scheduled Multiple Reaction Monitoring(MRM) .

Examples of proteomics templates for gele electrophoresis data that conform to the MIAPE-GE specification

Erk 1,2
Akt 1

Contributor: Markus Stepath

Assay type: Post-translational modification

Technology type: Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

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Study: 1 hidden item

Targeted proteomics for peptides related to fatty acid metabolism. Aim: Check which of these proteins we are able to detect in this experiment.

Contributor: Jon Olav Vik

Assay type: Proteomics

Technology type: Technology type

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Contributor: Fekadu Yadetie

Assay type: Proteomics

Technology type: Mass spectrometry

Investigation: Toxicogenomics in Atlantic cod

Study: Effects of PCB 153 in Atlantic cod

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